I believe that we are spiritual beings living here on this planet having a human experience.  Two things that I experience as constants are my soul guiding me through the process (if we could only trust more in this!) and change.

With change we visit many spiralling spiraltriskelion (in & out…giving & receiving…letting go…birth…death & rebirth) and seasonal cycles. Our psyches, minds, physical bodies, hearts & emotions are challenged and gifted with many of life’s learnings & teachings. For me this is “soulwork”.

I believe that living the gifts and passions that the creator bestowed upon us is part of our soulwork. When we do this, it is phenomenal the abundance and opportunity that are presented to us…how easy things become when we are in the flow of the cosmic heart beat. When we choose to be in the arms of love, not fear.

My spiritual wonder and healing journey are what guide me on this human path to knowing a deeper connection to a higher universal heart consciousness.

Soulwork invites us to push beyond the realms of this earthly pain & suffering to find balance in shifting our perceptions. To shape shift and re-arrange our attitudes and outlook toward this world we live in. To flirt with our own sense of healing & a global awakening. To meditate and come to a place of equanimity. To observe our own pain and struggles, our own ego’s judgements and self blame so that we can better understand other people’s pain…so we can all breathe in more compassion instead of violent thought or action.

At some point or another and possibly at different times in our existence, we come to a crossroads, a turning point, a crisis, a powerful act of initiation and awakening. We visit the wisdom of the wise old crone (to some this might be Baba Yaga!) and the innocence and magic of the fool.

We have a choice: the path toward more heaviness, fogginess, doubt and/or confusion, or the path leading to a new lightness, inspiration, purpose and potential. A path that invites us to be in sync with the moment.

For example, do we want to focus on the concrete landscape we live in as depleting our vital energy? Or do we want to focus on the wild rose blossoming and releasing its essence that stimulates us to feel alive, creative and awake? The second is an invitation to connect with one of the greatest artists around…mother earth. The most sacred muse. If we honour and respect our mother, she provides us with great abundance, as does this magical, mysterious universe.

We can still make the changes we want to see happen in our worlds. But how can we do this if we are not present with our intention, not centered, balanced, guided, supported and committed to the light and paradigms of our higher selves and truths…to each other in respect and compassion? What is our intention? In making decisions in our lives, what feels lighter? What feels good? Whose paradigm are we participating in, theirs or ours?

I offer this space “soulwork” as a space to share ideas and articles. A place to respond to questions. A place to share words of healing.

My wish is for us to try on and taste the notion of how the challenges, pains and joys in our lives are sacred blessings and teachings…our spirits calling us home through the passage of “soulwork”. May we greet these teachings with breath, openness, courage, powerful intention and gratitude, in order to hear the message. May we share in a moment of curiosity & gratitude to something little or big that fell into our spiritual lap today. May we practice compassion and patience with ourselves while walking this journey on earth. May we honour our moments of weakness as great strengths when we make the decision to breathe into these spaces, observe, let go, and create change, knowing that our one little act of choice & empowerment on a bad day speaks to the greater pool of consciousness.

Many blessings, strength, & wisdom.

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